Client: TEDx Cincinnati
Project: PosTED Wisdom
Role: Art Direction
Concept: Led a team of designers to establish and develop a theme for the TEDx Cincinnati Main Stage annual even, and to create templates and materials for use in ongoing TEDx Happy Hours, and future TEDx Cincinnati conferences. We came up with a multi-pronged approach. First, we teased the event by hanging posters with quotes from prominent poets, artists, philosophers, influencers, and thinkers all over town, with TEDx Cincinnati branding, but no event information. This caused intrigue, and our target audience literally sought to find posters around the area, in an effort to learn more. Then, we added posters in adjacent areas featuring event information and the theme "Paint the Town TED," a play on the phrase "Paint the Town Red," in a suggestion that guests should use the TEDx even as an opportunity to visit the downtown Cincinnati area and make a full night of it. The ticket sales were so strong that the event immediately changed to a larger venue, and even then it sold out the space in hours - the first such response in TEDx Cincinnati history.
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