Client: Schöne Kitchen Design/Schöne Cabinet Design
Project: Initial Logo/Brand Visuals and Business Collateral
Role: Designer for Business Cards, Stationery, and Presentation Folder
Concept: The word "schone" in German means "beautiful." Variations of "schone" have similar translation in other Germanic languages. The business name "schöne" was derived from this group of cognates, and modified to add the umlaut as an additional nod to the Germanic influence. This influence is important to the client because of the founder's heritage, but also because of the strength and refined elegance German design is known to have.
Create a sleek, sophisticated word mark for a new, high-end, custom kitchen design business. Because of the importance the client placed on clean lines and perfect alignment in their work, I explored many of my initial designs (and ultimately the final design) from a direction heavily influenced by International Typographic Style. This is evident in the grid-based layout, minimalist layout, and geometric font choices. 
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