Client: City of Cincinnati Metropolitan Sewer District
Project: Brand Identity and Design for Efficiency
Role: Design Direction
Challenge: Led the branding and print design teams for a large project with a multidisciplinary team (specializing in graphic design, audio/video, and web) tasked to create a logo for their SBU (Sewer Backup) team, as well as marketing materials and business forms, and to streamline the workflow of the employees who help during sewer backup events. 
Our team created a logo that complements the established brand identities of the City of Cincinnati and the Metropolitan Sewer District, their brand specified colors, and rounded movement. 
Interviewing employees in the field about their experiences, common issues, and missed opportunities with the system that was already in place, the team created a branded experience that starts before the customer ever needs to call. The MSD SBU refrigerator magnet (a more, ahem, palatable design from the previous magnet that featured an actual photo of a toilet backing up) and door hanger were the first touch points with the new brand. These were followed up with brochures customized to the customers' issues and videos explaining what was happening and how to best navigate their options. 
On the employee side, a collection of branded forms were created, with a specific form for each scenario. This allowed the techs to hone in specifically on just the information the homeowner needed for their situation, eliminated redundancies in the previous paperwork, and substantially shortened visit times, allowing them to better serve more customers in less time.
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